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US citizens still own crypto despite bear market, survey shows

US citizens remain committed to Crypto Despite Bear Market, Survey Reveals

Cryptocurrencies have had a tumultuous year, with the bear market taking a toll on its value and the public sentiment. However, recent research suggests that US citizens are still positive in their outlook on cryptocurrencies despite the current market conditions.

Study Details

The study, conducted by blockchain-focused research firm Clovr, surveyed 672 U.S. citizens about their attitude and experience with cryptocurrencies.

The findings showed that 49.6% of respondents reported still owning some form of cryptocurrency, and of these, 70.9% reported that they had not sold any of it despite the current bear market.

Furthermore, an impressive 52.2% of the respondents reported feeling more positive about cryptocurrencies than when the survey was conducted six months ago.

Key Findings

Some of the key findings from the survey include:

  • The majority of respondents (87.8%) believe that cryptocurrencies have a “bright future.
  • Younger investors are more optimistic than older investors, with 73.7% of those aged 18-24 feeling positive about the future of cryptocurrencies.
  • There is an increased interest in cryptocurrency, with 44.1% of respondents indicating they are more likely to invest than they have been previously.
  • Despite the bear market, 77.2% of respondents indicated they are still “very interested” in cryptocurrency.

It is clear from the findings of this survey that US citizens still believe in the potential of cryptocurrencies despite the bear market, and are of the opinion that the long-term outlook for cryptocurrencies remain bright. This is in stark contrast to what many commentators and analysts were predicting, further indicating the resilience of the cryptocurrency market and its supporters.

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Crypto Makki © 2023. All rights reserved.