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Shiba Inu facing massive sell-offs

Shiba Inu facing massive sell-offs

The Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed of dog that is facing a massive sell-off. The Shiba Inu is a very popular dog breed, even on the internet, but the recent surge in demand is creating a headache for breeders.

Why is there a surge in demand?

The Shiba Inu has become a very beloved pet due to its endearing features. This small dog is known for its intelligence, loyalty and affectionate personality. It also has a unique wolf-like appearance which has made it attractive to millions of pet-lovers around the world.

Recently, the Shiba Inu has become a popular asset amongst crypto-currency investors, who are investing in cryptocurrency called ‘SHIB’ which is based on the Shiba Inu breed. This surge of new owners has created a huge surge in demand for Shiba Inu puppies and has put a great strain on breeders.

Negative effects of the surge in demand

The massive surge in demand for Shiba Inu puppies has had a negative effect on breeders and pet owners alike. Breeders have had to put up their prices to try and keep up with the demand, which has made it much harder for people to afford the little fur-balls and thus led to many people turning to unethical breeders.

This has led to an increase in the number of puppies being sold without the necessary vaccinations, which has had the potential to cause widespread health issues amongst newly-adopted dogs. Additionally, it has been reported that some unethical breeders are also passing off mixed-breeds as purebred Shibas.

What can be done?

There are a few things that can be done to try and protect Shiba Inu puppies from the dangers of this sudden, extreme demand.

  • Only buy from reputable breeders: The best way to make sure you get a healthy, vaccinated Shiba Inu puppy is to buy from reputable breeders who are dedicated to promoting ethical breeding practices.
  • Don’t impulse buy: Be aware of the financial responsibility that comes with getting a dog, and only purchase one if you can afford to provide it with the best care.
  • Spread awareness: There is strength in numbers, so don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and family so they know the risks of buying a puppy from an unethical source.

The Shiba Inu is a beloved breed, and it is our duty as pet-owners to ensure that they are protected and treated with the respect and care they deserve.

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