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Female model turned crypto influencer guidebook

  1. Post cleavage and booty pics to attract low self esteem retail
  2. build a decent following and launch an NFT project to raise $3-$4 million
  3. Make big promises for the project & keep showing booty to keep them hooked
  4. Once the raise is done, never deliver, make some excuses
  5. Move everything super slow until people start forgetting or some BIGGER black swan event happens in the crypto so no one gives a fck about project anymore
  6. Cash out and go back to posting cleavage and ass pics
  7. Alright Now you have actual Capital to trade and big amount of crypto followers so you can start building relationships in crypto.
  8. Establish yourself as self made women in this tough world dominated by men. You can Talk about women power in crypto to help your image.
  9. Now you can go to events dressed nicely in LV or Gucci and flirt around. (You are hot self made women everyone will want you in their events to make it look glamorous)
  10. Now you are an OG crypto influencer.


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