Bitget debunks scam claims, Evan Luther says the opposite

[ad_1] Bitget, a leading Singapore-based crypto derivatives exchange, has dispelled circulating claims that it illegally stole thousands of dollars from investors of reel token (REELT). The exchange highlighted that it had to freeze accounts belonging to the REELT team due to suspicious activity. Bitget disclosed this in an emailed statement to According to the […]

Bitget customer accuses exchange of stealing $200k from account

[ad_1] An aggrieved customer has accused crypto exchange Bitget of theft and stated that the platform moved to freeze their account. Bitget accused of theft A Bitget customer with username “EvanLuthra” took to Twitter on March 31, 2023 to label the crypto exchange a scam, claiming that the platform “illegally stole” $200,000 from them and […]