The Shiba Inu community is debating the origin of the Shibarium code, claiming it resembles the Rinia blockchain.

Others have cast doubt on the multi-sig wallet operations doubting the uniqueness of the individuals running it. The developments have resulted in a significant price drop for SHIB.

Is the Shibarium code copied?

Drama broke out in the Shiba Inu Discord channel on March 16, when one of the members, Steve, suggested the Shibarium chain code was copied.

Steve said the Shibarium chain used a similar code to the 917 Rinia Testnet chain. The chain ID 917 came into the limelight in December 2022 through the Rinia blockchain.

Shibu Inu released Shibarium’s beta version a few days ago; therefore, crucial technical specifics, including block explorer, Chain ID, bridges, and RPC nodes, are coming to the public now.

Steve noted that the ID Shibarium used was unique and is utilized by MetaMask and several wallet applications .

“The developers copied the Rinia testnet code and made edits on only the name but forgot to alter the chain ID.”

Steve, Shiba Inu Discord user.

Several images of posts from the Discord channel emanated through a tweet indicating the mood of the members.

One of the messages said that Shytoshi, the leader of the Shibarium development team, led a series of manipulations among the community members to support his deeds.

Multisig Wallet controversy

The bone of contention on the multi-sig wallet was who ran it and how exclusive it was to its operations.

Some of the posts indicate that most community members demanded proof of how nine unique individuals operated the multi-sig wallet. However, one individual noted that no nine people were running the operations.

The accusations and revelations might become awkward for Shibarium since its public beta test conducted on March 11 was to provide solutions to the project.

SHIB price on a downfall

The accusations might cause another fall in SHIB price following the 33% drop experienced in February.

SHIB falls as community accuses Shibarium developers of copying blockchain code - 1
Shiba Inu price in the last 24 hours | Source: Coingecko

At the time of writing, the price for SHIB was $0.00001037, a 9% drop in the last 24 hours. 

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