NvirWorld, a blockchain company, and World Vision, a global NGO, signed an official contract to promote international donation projects at the World Vision center in Korea at 7 AM UTC on Mar. 16. 

This partnership will see the blockchain merged with the donation culture. The deal is an innovative step contrasting the one-off donation campaign common on blockchain rails.

The donation project will be based on the hybrid, decentralized exchange INNODEX, which NvirWorld will soon launch. It will be operated to accept donations of tokens on the Ethereum and Solana networks.

If donations through existing legal currencies have clear borders and restrictions on donation activities for children and communities needing help, this project will expand activities without restrictions. INNODEX is also based on the concept of decentralization and transparency. Therefore, donations can be raised and verified on wallets owned by World Vision.

The donation project, promoted by NvirWorld and World Vision, demonstrates the net function of blockchain technology to resolve existing problems.

Lee Jin-sook, CEO of NvirWorld, said:

“As a blockchain company, we are taking various challenges to improve blockchain awareness, and the promotion of donation projects with World Vision will pave the way for blockchain technology to be settled and popularized in society.” 


“To develop an aggressive blockchain donation market, we hope blockchain-related leaders such as Vitalik Buterin, Zhao Changpeng, Justin Sun, and Nvirworld’s partners Consensys and Metamask Development Operators will all participate in the blockchain.” 

Following this collaboration, over 10m World Vision sponsors can easily donate using crypto instead of fiat through INNODEX.

World Vision has been selected as the most reliable organization from the world’s largest NGO with 40,000 employees in more than 100 countries which evaluate the transparency of non-profit organizations  such as BBB, Charity Navigator, and ECFA.

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