The Sewer Pass non-fungible token (NFT) collection, created by Yuga Labs, has seen a notable rise in sales volume over the past 24 hours. 

According to data provided by CryptoSlam, Sewer Pass sales are up by over 61% in the past 24 hours, reaching $1.88 million in 319 transactions. This movement has helped the NFT collection reach the top of the 24-hour trading list on the data aggregator platform.

Top 3 NFT collections in the past 24 hours | Source: CryptoSlam
Top 3 NFT collections in the past 24 hours | Source: CryptoSlam

However, the number of Sewer Pass holders has not changed since March 10, staying at 12,040 owners. This is still down by roughly 2% from its all-time high (ATH) of 12,309 on Feb. 8. 

Per CryptoSlam data, the total Sewer Pass sales have exceeded the $100 million mark since its creation in January 2023. The NFT collection has reached 22,773 in transactions with a volume of $105.8 million.

The team behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Yuga Labs, developed Sewer Pass in January. The collection allows users to participate in a skill-based NFT game called Dookey Dash

The game started on Jan. 18 and required users to hold a Sewer Pass to gain access to the platform. The duration of the game was three weeks, per the official website.

Sewer Pass trading volume rises, topping the 24-hour charts - 1
A screenshot of the intro video for Dookey Dash | Source: mdvmm.xyz

On Feb. 16, the official BAYC Twitter account announced a Fortnite player, Kyle Jackson, 18, the tournament winner. Per crypto.news report, over 25,000 players worldwide have competed in the game to win the top prize, the “Key.”

While some have complained that some players cheated in the game, Yuga Labs hasn’t addressed the issue.

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