Opensea is taking steps to protect buyers from unintentionally buying unwanted items by implementing new measures. 

OpenSea has implemented a new capability in SeaPort 1.4 to validate an item’s current status before accepting an offer. These measures have been specifically designed to address scenarios where an item was considered valid when a request was made but later turned out to be stolen or had its attributes changed. 

The ultimate objective is to offer additional protection to buyers and enhance their overall shopping experience on the platform.

NFT hackers stealing millions 

In the recent past, Harpie had warned NFT users about new tactics used by hackers that involve gasless purchases on the OpenSea platform. According to Harpie, these hackers have already managed to steal millions of dollars worth of Apes in just the last few months.

OpenSea, a popular NFT marketplace, requires users to approve a signature request with an unintelligible message to make gasless sales and create private auctions. These signature requests are often presented as mandatory steps to log in and use the website.

Unfortunately, this technical loophole is being exploited by phishing websites. These fraudulent websites request unsuspecting customers to sign one of these incomprehensible characters without the victims realizing the potential consequences.

Harpie has noted that hackers are using a trick to send login messages to victims, requesting them to approve the transfer of assets to the hacker’s account for free. These messages are disguised as signature requests for private sales. 

Unfortunately, this phishing campaign has resulted in millions of dollars worth of Apes being transferred from the popular NFT marketplace.

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