NanoLabs Sues Coinbase Over Trademark Infringement

NanoLabs Inc. is suing Coinbase Inc. in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, accusing Coinbase of trademark infringement of its “Nano” brand name.

Accusations Against Coinbase

NanoLabs Inc. is alleging that Coinbase began using their “Nano” trademark for its “Coinbase Nano” product in late-September 2020. NanoLabs Inc. maintains that the use of its brand by Coinbase is in violation of the Lanham Act and California Business and Professions Code, and that Coinbase did so to benefit from the goodwill and reputation of NanoLabs’ trademark.

NanoLabs’ Claims

NanoLabs Inc. is asking the court for compensatory damages, corrective advertising and attorney fees, as well as an injunction that would prevent Coinbase from using their “Nano” trademark. NanoLabs Inc. is also seeking an order that would require Coinbase to destroy any promotional materials using their trademark.

What To Expect

This lawsuit is expected to be lengthy and difficult, as there is a lot at stake for both companies. If NanoLabs Inc. is successful in its lawsuit, it could have drastic implications for Coinbase, as it could be liable for millions of dollars in damages. Additionally, the case has the potential to set a precedent for other companies who are looking to protect their trademarks.


Trademark law plays a very important role in protecting companies from the unauthorized use of their brand. NanoLabs Inc. believes that Coinbase has infringed upon their trademark, and is now pursuing legal action to protect its brand. The outcome of this case could have a profound impact on how companies use and protect their trademarks in the future.

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